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Our Mission:

Positive Impact.

We work with disruptors, innovators, visionaries, and authors to help them build thought leadership around their personal brands in the media for the greater good.

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Public Relations

We believe Influence is found at the intersection of Creativity, Connection, and Contribution.

Our mission is to promote positive change through social impact and thought leadership by leveraging powerful public relations strategies to help you reach millions of people with your innovative idea.


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The most impactful brands stand behind an influential leader. We aim to spotlight those trusted experts so they become the go-to leaders in their industries.



create a respected reputation

Business executives name reputation damage as their #1 risk concern. 87% of them rate this risk as important or more important to any other strategic issue.



build trust

85% of consumers seek out and trust expert content when considering making a purchase. This type of content out-ranked product reviews and endorsements from other experts.



impact the bottom line

77% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when the CEO of the business is on social media.


Who We Work With

We help Executives, Coaches, Consultants, Doctors, Psychologists, Mental Health Professionals, and Nonfiction Authors craft their personal brands and spread their messages to millions of people so they can have a positive impact on the world. 

We understand that building an audience lays the foundation for them to be able to expand their thought leadership profiles to other opportunities such as becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author, TEDtalk Speaker, or even winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

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Having Tara and The Team work closely with TEDxLincolnSquare, has enabled us to put all of our focus on the speakers, because we know, without a doubt, that she fully understands our brand and can relay it's message perfectly.

Tricia Brouk / Executive Producer TEDxLincolnSquare


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