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Should I be pitching my articles to publications like Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur?

In this video I want to share a common misconception about PR because a lot of people come to me and say they want to meet Oprah, be in Fast Company, have a column in Forbes, or be interviewed in the NY Times or Wall Street Journal. I want you to re-think your dreamy list of publications you want to be featured in and question, "Is bigger actually better when I am just starting out?"

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What We Can Learn From Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Dairy Queen About Going Viral

I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you this, but marketing yourself as the hero isn't necessarily going to help your brand. A 2018 Edelman survey said two thirds of consumers expect CEO’s to step up and speak up on important issues. Your personal brand as a CEO doesn’t necessarily mean consumers want you to talk about yourself and how great you are. They want to know you care about the things they care about.

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How do I leverage my online presence and social media for more clients?

When you put all of this effort into setting up an online business, it might start to feel like a labor of love and you begin to wonder how anyone makes any money online. The key is developing a strategy where PR, Marketing, Advertising, and Branding are all leveraged for Business Development.

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