Should I be pitching my articles to publications like Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur?

In Episode 4 of The NY Minute I am revealing my number 1 publicity strategy tip!

There is one down side to publicity when it comes to measuring ROI, so I want to be completely transparent with you and tell you what that is: **It can be difficult to measure exactly what you are getting out of it and how you are leveraging it for new business. This is why you can hire a large PR firm and get a few interviews and then wonder, "What did I really get out of that?"

We can talk analytics another day, but in this video I want to share a common misconception about PR because a lot of people come to me and say they want to meet Oprah, be in Fast Company, have a column in Forbes, or be interviewed in the NY Times or Wall Street Journal.

I want you to re-think your dreamy list of publications you want to be featured in and question, "Is bigger actually better when I am just starting out?" I'm going to give you the answer in this short video!


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