How do I leverage my online presence and social media for more clients?

Have you ever found yourself thinking, "I have an online presence, but I don't know what to do with it...Help!"

In this episode of The NY Minute, our Founder, Tara Bradford, shares:

  1. How to make sense of your digital roadmap of online assets

  2. Common mistakes people make when they don't have a clear path for PR, Advertising, Marketing, and Social Media

  3. A better way forward to generating new leads into your business

When you put all of this effort into setting up an online business, it might start to feel like a labor of love and you begin to wonder how anyone makes any money online. The key is developing a strategy where PR, Marketing, Advertising, and Branding are all leveraged for Business Development. If they are all working in silos then you’re going to have a hard time seeing an ROI.

Don’t worry, we have a plan for how you can get pointed in the right direction. Check it out below and leave us a comment about the changes you’re going to make to your digital roadmap so everything can work together for you.


The NY Minute is a program designed to empower small business owners to grow their business online leveraging powerful public relations tools and strategic marketing communications.