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About Our Company


Rae Media Group was founded out of the necessity for small businesses and fast growing companies, who are outsourcing a lot of their branding, marketing, public relations, and advertising needs, to have a way to manage all of it so it wasn’t taking away from the work they really wanted to be doing.

We found a lot of companies hiring large agencies felt disappointed by the traditional approach to public relations campaigns and the lack of measurable outcomes or guarantees.

We believe that the most impactful brands stand behind an influential leader.

We aim to spotlight those leaders so their names and reputations are interchangeable with their companies, similar to Richard Branson and the Virgin Group or Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

As a small business owner herself, company Founder Tara Bradford discovered you can indeed be “famous” and broke. Determined to bridge the gap between public relations and business development she found herself getting featured in the media every 2 weeks for 2 years after leaving a decade long career in nursing. Her untraditional approach to marketing and public relations as well as hands on experience is the basis for the strategies she employs for her clients.



our mission

We aim to get more positive messages into the media to create movements of positive change that make the world a better place today and for years to come.

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Our Founder

Hi I’m Tara, Founder and Executive Strategist at Rae Media Group.

After experiencing the challenges start-up founders face first hand and speaking to countless small business owners who had built thriving companies on word of mouth referrals alone only to find their businesses going through a transition that forced them into the online space, I realized the value of having a beginner’s mind within an expert niche.

Whether someone was just getting started on their first company or reinventing their company after their services had been made obsolete, they both faced the same challenge: they needed to get new clients and they weren’t speaking their audience’s language.

Throw in the Internet, social media, and the tempting ads promising quick fixes, overnight success, and millions of dollars in revenue from one marketing hack and it’s no wonder people were coming to me saying, “PR doesn’t work.”

A tireless problem solver with a decade of experience translating medical jargon to vulnerable patients and families as a critical care nurse, I could see the problem was simple. They just needed to communicate their messages in a way that was meaningful to their audiences, but they couldn’t see what was meaningful to their audiences because they were so busy juggling too many things and trying to keep the lights on.

  • Whether you’re a small business owner who doesn’t know what to do with your online presence…

  • A startup looking to get in front of the right investors…

  • An Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year who wants to get better at communicating on video…

  • Or an Inc. 5000 company that is growing quickly and wants to make sure your brand and messaging stays consistent as you scale…

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We make sure you feel confident your brand is in the right hands to take it to the next level, advocate for your best interests, and put together a winning strategy for you and your clients.

That way you can get back to doing the things you love and re-connecting with the reason you started a business in the first place.


People First: the Foundation of Our Work

We believe the most important thing you can build is relationships. Relationships are the foundation for how we interact with our clients, our media partners, our online community, and our employees. And we take pride in knowing the people we surround ourselves with feel taken care of and that we can represent you in a way that feels connected, authentic, and generous.


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